February starts with a bang!

First half of February has been quite a two weeks…ending with Little H turning one!

Since the start of the month..;

  • I have fallen off my bike, hurled from it by my bicycle sliding from underneath me on ice! Thankfully, no real harm done other than superficial scratches and grazes, and the bike has survived too!
  • Mrs H and Little H were in a car accident! Thankfully, both are absolutely ok. It was a horrible phone call to receive from Mrs H, but the bottom line is that the only damage done is the fact the car needs repair, which is no more than a pain in the bum – so I’m very thankful it wasn’t more serious.

But enough of the bad stuff, let’s focus on the good stuff which is that Little H had a whole weekend of birthday celebrations!

Little H’s birthday treat

So Little H is a big fan of animals. Which is useful when we have a cat, a dog and a fish tank. It has almost certainly resulted in an animal loving baby – hopefully an animal loving little girl! We decided to take Little H to Chester Zoo for her birthday and had the best day.

The sun was shining and we saw tigers, lions, giraffes, monkeys, apes, penguins and loads more. Even despite the horrible fire they suffered in December the zoo was such good fun.

Little H particularly liked the giraffes, which is a good job because if she keeps growing as she is they’ll be the only things she can talk to without developing a bad back! πŸ˜‚

Here’s a mini video montage: https://gopro.com/v/JbWEwB5QZk9op

Little H’s 1st Birthday Party

What better way to show off your new party trick, than to have a party to show it off at! Little H is now a fully fledged walking machine! Happily tottering between rooms at will, keeping an eye on her now needs multiple eyes on multiple sides of multiple heads! πŸ‘€

We had a lovely party with friends and family – complete chaos with so many little ones but Little H had a great time! People were so generous and Mrs H absolutely blew me away with the cake she made – just look how beautiful it is!


So quite the start to February! Sportive training has taken a backseat through injury, but time with Little H is getting better and better! Hopefully she begins to settle at nursery a little more (she has no choice after next week!!) and the real shock to the system comes next week when Mrs H goes back to work… 😬

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