Erm… did January happen this year?

January has been such a busy month it seems to have flown by. So much so that having committed to writing my blog more in 2019 I’ve already completely failed and find myself in February before writing anything… πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

An update on Little H

Little H continues to grow up far more rapidly than I would like. Ever since the turn of the year I’ve been greeted home from work by the beautiful sound of my daughter crawling as fast as she can with a grin on her face, not being able to wait to see her daddy! Never has anyone had the ability to make whatever the day has thrown at me melt away in the way that Little H’s smile can. When I reflect on the fact that just over 6 months ago I couldn’t walk in from work without causing considerable upset, I conclude that the fact she can’t be picked up for a kiss and cuddle soon enough means I’m probably doing an alright job… πŸ‘ And I’m quite proud of that turn around; much to Mrs Heatho’s dismay, she is becoming a proper little Daddy’s girl πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Little H is a full-on speedy gonzalez on her hands and knees now, and she is getting very good at walking. She can navigate her way through from the kitchen to the living room with her walker, and most recently has been demonstrating a good 9 or 10 consecutive steps before you see the realisation of her achievement spread across her face and she collapses to the floor to crawl the rest of the way! πŸ˜‚ She has even begun to climb out of the pool at swimming… 😲

Little H has also started her nursery taster days… these are going less well. Crying from the moment Mummy leaves to the moment Mummy returns is not an ideal way to spend time at nursery…. but when she has known nothing else for 12 months it’s easy to see why. We’ll all keep persevering and look forward to the time when Little H is begging to go and see her friends at nursery.

Furniture keeps arriving

We have been making steady progress is making our new house a home. We’ve had living room curtains since Christmas and have since added a couple of bigger items of furniture…

Our kitchen now has a nice comfy corner sofa so that there is somewhere to chill out with a brew and look out on the garden, which will be ideal for when the weather starts to pick up and Little H is tearing around the garden or playing on he swing. We ended up going for an Ikea sofa (the Vimle) for a couple of practical reasons;

1) the cushions covers are all removable and washable meaning whether it’s the dog or Little H we should be able to keep it looking clean!

2) both the footstool and the lounge section lift up, revealing lots of extra storage for Little H’s toys and things!

The other big bit of furniture we have gained is my long awaited marine aquarium 😊 I have wanted one for ages and the disposal of my old tropical tank was done with the agreement that in our new house I could give a marine aquarium a go.

So far it’s been going through a cycle of algae production before it dies off, but I have two clown fish, two fire shrimp and two emerald crabs. Little H already loves watching the fish, and I’m hoping that she will enjoy helping me look after the tank as a hobby as she grows up. We’re very lucky that with a cat, dog and fish, Little H will not only grow up not being afraid of animals, but knowing how to treat and respect them – which is important for us.

A cycle sportive… finally

After the abandonment of my planned sportive last April, I’ve finally got around to signing up for another. 83 miles around Staffordshire in early March is an excellent reason to get out on the bike despite all the horrible weather we’ve had.

In terms of the “100 Greatest Cycling Climbs” – I remain where I ended 2018; 22/100 from the first book and 5/100 from the second. Plans in place to cover at least two more this year… so some more planning required to tick more off in 2018!!

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