Moving house with a 6 month old!

It’s been a while since I’ve written here – a lot has been going on! The whole house move thing came around so quickly… it’s been and gone! We’re in!

Moving day was remarkably stress free – we sat there at half 7 on the Friday morning surrounded by all our furniture and possessions wondering whether we had taken the removals company’s advice a little too literally – having packed nothing! However, it turned out to be so stress free that I would thoroughly recommend a packing service to anyone – especially anyone with small people they’re going to have to keep entertained through the day otherwise!

By 3.30pm, not only did we have the keys to our lovely new home, but the removals men had emptied their lorries and had left us to it!

We are super excited to be in our new house. Of course Little H’s room has been the first to get furniture and curtains. Ours is waiting for a new bed so we’re crashing in one of the spares for now…

Our busy first weekend ended with us achieving:

  • Completely unpacking anything that wasn’t already in the garage because it wasn’t urgent
  • Laying turf to cover all of the back garden
  • Installing CCTV
  • Installing our smart thermostat
  • Putting up 3 curtain poles (+ curtains)
  • Cleaning our old house top to bottom

Not a bad effort I think. We had both sets of parents and my aunty to help, and we simply wouldn’t have done it without them.

After a week back at work I’m on holiday for two weeks – more adventures to come!

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