Dreamin’ & Weanin’

Big week for Little H this one.

Success Number 1 – She is sleeping in her own room.

Success Number 2 – She has started weaning.

Frankly, I think Mrs Heatho is completely mad for taking this on less than 3 weeks before we move house – but she is smashing it! Let’s tackle each one in turn….

Finally making use of the nursery furniture

Purchased and erected over a month before Little H arrived, her cot is now getting some use! Her changing table and wardrobe have obviously been used pretty much solidly since she was born, but Little H’s cot has largely been a display cabinet for an unfathomable quantity of cuddly stuffed toys!

It has been there, with a blanket covering the mattress which until now had remained in its plastic packaging, staring at me as if to say “think how much you spent on me for nothing!”…

Turns out, it’s been worth the wait. My sleep is considerably better. Mrs Heatho’s will be once she stops waking up to check the monitor.

Little H has gone the whole week sleeping in her own bed, with only one really bad nights sleep. She has also started going through the night without any food – this results in a 6am wake up – but is another step forward towards unbroken sleep for us both!

Food is for throwing, not eating

Weaning has begun! Oh my word the mess! At this stage we’re sticking to the guidelines and keeping Little H on fruit and veg. Thus far, we have determined that she is a fan of avocado, strawberries, satsumas, melon and pepper. Not so much with bananas so far… 🤔 Apparently providing a still-wrapped whole cucumber might be expecting too much at this stage! 😂

Silly Daddy!

This has led to the introduction of a high chair – more furniture in an already crowded house! It has also led to a lot of mess – this is based mainly on the fact that Little H has apparently been sneakily watching the cricket while I’ve been at work and fancies herself as a bowler, making sure whatever she is given to eat ends up as far and as wide as possible!


Whilst we are largely baby-led weaning, I have donned my chef’s hat again. I wrote before about being inspired to cook things from our own garden and local produce… well I’m not about to start a veg garden in a house we’re leaving and I can’t magic it up from nowhere… so it was shop bought this time! However, the home-grown time will come. It was hardly an adventurous start, a reasonably boring carrot and parsnip purée…. this seemed to be used as foundation rather than food… but she didn’t lose her marbles in disgust so I’m counting that as a success even though the photos below suggest she wasn’t entirely enthused!


House move update

Less than two weeks remain before we move to our new house. Neither of us can wait! We have started sorting – Little H was good as gold on Saturday as Mrs Heatho & I spent all day ruthlessly dispatching more than half of our loft collection to the tip for recycling!

We both very much see our new house as the start of another chapter, so time needs to start ticking a little faster towards the day we get the keys! 😆

Even Little H knows to be excited!!


One thought on “Dreamin’ & Weanin’

  1. With both of mine we did a mix of baby led weaning and purée/blended food. Basically the solid bits were for playing with and the mush was swallowed down for sustenance. Think the happy medium is fine and ultimately do what works eh? Great post and thanks for sharing your personal hurdles 🙂


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