Being set parenting homework πŸ˜§

Following on from my last post which apparently portrayed Mrs Heatho as “evil” for mastering the Hospital Pass… it seems Dads can be set homework too!

Mrs H is away for a couple of nights this week with Little H and Fern, so Noah and I have the place to ourselves. Cue evenings of guilt free bike riding to build up my fitness again, some PlayStation, maybe even a cheeky pub trip with friends for a (still non-alcoholic) beer… or not.

Apparently I have homework!

Our little girl is rapidly approaching the point at which she starts having real food. She already watches us eat very intently, and when given an empty plastic spoon to play with she is quite adept at shoving it in her mouth. I mentioned before that we think she is starting to get teething pains… so it seems it won’t be long. Thus, my homework… to read this:


I can only assume this is Mrs Heatho’s way of telling me I’m going to be doing the cooking. Thankfully, I quite enjoy cooking, so this isn’t a huge drama. I’m quite looking forward to the days where Little H can help and Mrs Heatho walk into a scene of complete chaos in the kitchen after a hard days work πŸ˜‚

So, in order to prove that I’ve done my homework… I’d better write a little something about what I’ve learned! πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ“

I’m really excited about my plans for the garden at our new house. I really want to make an effort at growing our own fruit and vegetables – so I love that this book definitely lets me know how I can use that produce – we already have two cider apple trees from the dozen that lined the marquee on our wedding day.


I’m a huge fan of the ethos of family eating. My Dad always came home from work for dinner time. He might then go back to finish the days work, but he almost always there for dinner time – that’s how I want things to be with Little H. Mrs Heatho might not have that option due to shifts, but when we can, we’ll eat together.

This book is wonderfully down to earth. Of course there are times when you’re going to resort to pre-prepared or more convenient solutions to feeding your child – we won’t be any different. Life will often get in the way. It’s a part of life. However, I really enjoy cooking when I have the time to put my mind to it and do a good job. I love presenting my food nicely like in the image below (although this may be lost on Little H) – it’s something that means nothing to most but allows me to focus on something that frankly doesn’t matter for a bit. It’s a method of switching off, it’s like therapy…


Hopefully Little H will learn from me as she grows and learn to cook to the extent that both Mrs Heatho & I can. The village we are moving to has a village shop, where I hope to be able to buy more local food, but for when we’re growing our food pages like this are amazingly helpful!


There is plenty more reading of this book for me to do, particularly in relation to baby-led weaning which is the route we both want to try. Having started, I will almost certainly read it at my own leisure rather than waiting until I’m set homework.

I am now massively looking forward to weaning. From making my own purees (why shouldn’t they be a home-made accompaniment to whatever we happen to eat that evening?!) to start with, and then branching out into a whole new world of recipes I can cook for the whole family! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

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