The Art of the Hospital Pass

This is an art that I suspect most parents learn. Sadly for me, and possibly many Dads, significantly more time at home makes Mum much better at executing them than me. That said… when I’m at work all day there is no-one to hospital pass to…

I am of course, talking about the handing over of your child immediately prior to nappy change or emotional breakdown. I am talking about the swerving of any child related task that you just don’t fancy dealing with! We’ve all done it, if you’re sat there thinking, “that isn’t me” – I don’t believe you!

Most of the time, we don’t even mean to do it to each other, but it happens almost daily; you pass them on to your poor unsuspecting other half – who deals with the fallout of grumpiness and tears until you’ve worked out whats wrong.

Mrs Heatho is expert at the hospital pass. I guess it’s because she has spent so much more time with Little H that she can read the signs – although she insists that there has never been an intentional hospital pass…. hmmmm…. 🧐

This weekend has seen a number of hospital passes through the fact that Little H seems to have barely slept! She seems to be permanently grumpy. That in turn is making us grumpy, which means the requirement to hand over Little H comes much sooner!

We suspect it’s either a leap, or teething. Or both! Teething gel and paracetamol does appear to make things better when they’re really bad, and signs of the leap are definitely there – usually calm and quite happy having her pants changed, Little H now rests as though your hands are like fire and screams until you pick her up again!

All of that makes Little H sound like a horror – and with both of us up at various points last night it’s easy to think like that but…

…this weekend I took Little H for her swimming lesson πŸ™‚ After an attack of confidence brought by I don’t know what a week or two ago, I got myself in the pool and loved it! Seems Little H resists smiling during her swimming lessons (she must be concentrating VERY hard) but I did get a smile during “If You’re Happy and You Know It” – bonus! After all that effort we even put our little feet up on the dog and relaxed after our post-swim nap!

Clearly Little H isn’t doing lengths yet, but even in a few weeks we can see her developing and her confidence in the water increasing – which is all it’s about at this stage I think! Can’t wait for next weeks lesson – maybe the pre-swimming lesson hospital pass is one of the few we’ll be glad to receive!

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