Teething & turning 30!

Thankfully teething and turning thirty isn’t a combined thing!! So this weekend saw me turning 30 years old…! How on earth did that happen!

When I turned 25, I wasn’t engaged, didn’t own a house (let alone have a second house on the horizon!), didn’t have a dog & certainly didn’t have a child! That’s a seriously busy 5 years! No wonder people nap more as they get older… although Mrs Heatho tells me that isn’t an excuse at 30… πŸ€”

It’s been a good weekend – although it did start with the worst nights sleep Little H has ever had! Even when Little H was a new-born I’m sure we were awake less through the night. Seems the nights we had of her sleeping from 7pm to 6am are long gone! 😩 We’re pretty sure that our little person is teething – I tell you I am so glad that I don’t remember teething. It seems to be awful! Little H permanently has something in her mouth and we’ve ended up spending some money on “teething toys” – they do seem to work though, so it isn’t money wasted.

Since being back at work I have missed Little H in the day. Seems she is missing me too – all three days she got very upset at me coming home! The difference is, now that she is a little older and I’m a little more tuned into how she ticks day to day, I know it’s just that I happen to walk in when Little H is at peak tiredness. This means that I don’t stand a chance when I get home! She isn’t sleeping as much at night, but to compound this she isn’t napping at all during the day. Mrs Heatho is having to fight her to get her to nap – meaning both of them are exhausted. It’s odd being the one with energy sometimes – a sign that I am getting better but I really did need a break – but I’m trying to come home and be a bit more of a Dad.

Going back to doing tummy time and bath time – which I just haven’t had the energy for recently – are things I’m starting to do again. You suddenly realise how much of a Dad you haven’t been sometimes – regardless of how much choice you had that really sucks.

Bath time was a real story this weekend – we had the tale of the two disappearing ducks! The mysterious disappearance of ducks number 3 and 5 shook us all, but through her powers of interrogation Little H managed to persuade duck number 8 to give them up and normality was restored!

Mrs Heatho has made a fuss of me this weekend. Saturday we had a few jobs to do, but broke it up with a nice lunch by the canal (even treated myself to a cheeky birthday beer!) and then we went for a nosey round the show home on our new estate for some decoration ideas. Actually getting very excited now – less than 6 weeks to go! Just an entire house to sort and removals quotes to get! 😳

Look at this cake that Mrs Heatho had made for me – isn’t it amazing! It’s me, with a bike, on top of a hill! I haven’t done as many hills as I’d like this year (only 4 of the top 100), but I’m still chipping away at them. 13 of the top 100 done, with 3 of the second 100 done as well. I’m having to start cunningly planning trips to places now as I’ve largely done the local ones… still, Mrs Heatho’s work colleague Leah made it and has done such an awesome job – I’m very impressed, and pleased! It’s made me more determined to tick more hills off once I’m fit again!


I’ve also got some other stuff to look forward to thanks for my birthday – Mrs Heatho has bought me a track cycling taster session! This is with the thought that it may actually be an alternative to a turbo over winter, which I think is a great idea! Can’t wait to get myself booked in and have a go! πŸ˜†

I’m hoping to get back on my bike this week, only a commute to work but I feel like I need to start building up my fitness again – and I need to start with baby steps. Good news for me is that with Mrs Heatho having bought me some posh new cycling shoes… I have to go on my bike to make sure they’re used! πŸ˜‰


Little H was very busy as well, buying me a new wash bag to replace my old and tired one. She even bought and wrote me a card – which is very clever for a 5 month old! πŸ˜‚ Fern and Noah bought me some Percy Pigs – arguably the best sweets you can buy. Little H had great fun helping me open my presents (excuse the early morning beard) 😬!

On Sunday we had a big BBQ with as many of our friends as were available, along with both sets of parents and Mrs Heatho’s brother. It was great to see everyone as most of this lot I haven’t seen due to being ill! Still can’t really drink so just the one beer for me πŸ™„ We has a really nice chilled afternoon – exactly what I wanted!

Thank you to Mrs Heatho for putting so much effort into my birthday, and thank you to those who were able to make it to my BBQ – I had a truly wonderful weekend!

Now we’ll have to see what my thirties brings….

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