Treading the road to normality!

Once again I’m sat in the hospital, waiting for someone to drain more blood and tell me if I’m better. This time I’m much more positive πŸ™‚.

I’m feeling much much better in myself which has meant that we’ve had a lovely weekend, instead of wasting the good weather away feeling rubbish! It also hopefully means I’m finally winning the battle against this infection!

Swimming! πŸŠπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

On Saturday we took Little H swimming. She has been to a number of proper swimming lessons, but Mrs Heatho has always taken her because of me being at work. I had booked some time out of the office to take Little H one week but this illness robbed me of that opportunity. Unfortunately, but completely understandably, we weren’t allowed to take a camera into the pool, so sadly there are no pictures of the first time Little H went swimming with her Daddy πŸ˜”. I was a good swimmer growing up, generally competing every weekend until I was in my mid-teens – so Little H learning to swim is really important to me.

Taking her swimming made me feel like a Daddy again, probably for the first time in weeks. It also made me long for the confidence to do things like this with Little H on my own! Maybe I just need to give it time, maybe I just need to man up and throw myself in at the deep end. I also can’t wait until I can put her in a bike trailer and take her up and down the canal path – something we can do straight from our front door when we finally get into our new house!

I find myself wishing that she was just a little bit bigger and a little bit older – and then that is entirely countered by not wanting to wish away her childhood because she won’t be this little again!

Family Lunch

Sunday was one of those all too rare occasions – we met up with most of my Mum’s side of the family for Sunday lunch. I say rare, because there were still aunts and uncles who hadn’t met Little H for various reasons, and she was 5 months old yesterday! It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing and once we had decided it would be nice to go, I was determined that I would. I need to start building my strength now I’m feeling better – I am not going to achieve that by sitting around.

It was a baking hot day. We sat outside, all rotating ourselves around to follow the shade! Little H had a wonderful time with all of her great aunties and uncles and second cousins! She also met the even newer addition to the family – a long haired Jack Russel, Billy!

The Week(s) Ahead

This hospital trip will hopefully see my blood results return to normal, and normality can return – which will include going back to work! It’s going to be difficult to just go back – work can be draining mentally so I’m going to have to build up some strength again I think.

Beyond that, I feel like I need to make up some lost time a bit. The last 3 weeks have passed me by. When I should have been enjoying my family, I’ve been curled up ill!

Now, we only have 39 days (not that I’m counting!) until we get the keys to our new house, so we need to fit in some packing at some point – I’m not sure that Little H will either enjoy that, or be particularly helpful…! πŸ€”

So, we need to do some head scratching as to what adventuring we can do with Little H over the coming weeks, suggestions welcome…!

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