My First Father’s Day

Life has been pretty hectic over the last couple of weeks. Which is odd because it doesn’t feel like we’ve done all that much! We’ve had two weekends at home, and that is a rare thing these days!

My father’s day weekend has been lovely – despite the fact that I’ve been somewhat ill through a combination of my IBD, hayfever and what I’m pretty sure is another cold…

Saturday turned into a relaxing World Cup marathon by virtue of me not really being able to move – certainly not go outside thanks to the nasty pollen!

Father’s Day itself has been one of those days that when you describe it to someone, they don’t really understand what it was about it that made it so lovely.

I was awoken by a smiley Little H – she always beams at the world in the morning – and greeted with a brew and a gift bag full of goodies! Little H had been busy, buying us a book to read together and a bowl with her paw prints in the middle from when she was 13 weeks old! She also went overboard and bought me a beautiful personalised watch stand. Since the burglary my Omega box has been hidden away, so it’s nice to have somewhere for my watch to sit – it may be “only a watch” but it was my wedding present from Mrs Heatho and was the watch I’d wanted since childhood, so it means a lot to me!

We then went for a potter around a local park with Fern – Little H is getting very good at being front facing in the carrier – and then went home for a relaxing afternoon before my hayfever could cripple me too much..

A fun weekend to look forward to with friends next weekend – and as the boys are all cyclists and opportunity to get out on my bike guilt free! Can’t wait!

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