My very own wonder week avoiding work πŸ˜†

I’ve written about wonder weeks previously, and those of you who are already parents will probably have heard of them in one form or another. Last week I took as holiday from work, and it turned out to be a wonder week all of my own…

Our weekend break with family down in Kent was a great start to the week. We’re always made to feel at home and we are also always so very well looked after. I even managed to get some solo-parenting wins in – by successfully succeeding where Mrs Heatho had failed in achieving a sleeping baby at nap time, and having no issues putting Little H to bed for the night! These might seem small wins from the outside but for someone who was unable to do either of these things just a few short weeks ago, utterly reliant on Mrs Heatho for all things baby – these count as success!

Since then, we have celebrated a family birthday & a friend’s wedding – although rather upsettingly we did have to miss out on our friend’s daughters christening – we just couldn’t fit it all in over the last weekend πŸ˜”

For my Dad’s birthday we ate out (of course, good food is never refused!) at “Salt” in Stratford-upon-Avon. My food was delicious and the local pilsner (Church Farm Brewery) I had was wonderfully clean tasting and refreshing.

My starter was home-made black pudding with cauliflower purΓ©e and beer pickled onions, followed by BBQ quail… πŸ˜‹ I would thoroughly recommend eating here if you’re in Stratford – isn’t expensive either at Β£37 for two exquisite courses.

Immediately followed by (as in, the day after!) we were fortunate enough to be invited to our friend’s wedding in Herefordshire. We celebrated at Hampton Court Castle & Gardens with champagne and beer under perfect weather – couldn’t have wished for better for them! The venue is gorgeous.

During this mini UK tour, Little H has been a star ⭐️.

She has been like a different child to the one I’ve come to know when I get home from work – and Mrs Heatho – at various points and it has put a whole new perspective on things.

The biggest two changes are:

  • Little H is much more dexterous now. Given a little fox soother she will grab it, pull it, put in her mouth and chomp down on it happily for a short while.
  • My personal favourite – the smile. Little H is now at that point where when she sees you, she smiles, which is enough to brighten up the darkest of days. She will also smile when prompted – mainly by tickling, which she seems to enjoy!

Being able to watch her grow up so much in even just a week has been amazing – it sucks to now be back at work! I am enjoying this leap so much more than the others – I can see the changes turning my child into a little person!

I feel more strongly than ever that I have a little girl who loves me back – because that interaction is there. It is something I’ve always known (of course), but knowing and feeling are different and when times are tough, sometimes the most basic and obvious things get lost in the mayhem of a brain doing a thousand miles per hour.

Simply being recognised and smiled at in the morning once is enough to rid me of the memories of a grumpy child never settling with me when I got home from work. Now I have a wonderful weeks worth of smiles to remember when times are hard again πŸ™‚

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