From little poppy-seeds… Little H’s grow… 🌸

As we were out and about buying paint today, a thought dawned… it was about a year since we had found out that Little H was about to start the process of entering our lives. When we looked back it turns out, it’s been exactly 12 months to the day! Well, what a 12 months that has been…

The Initial Jubilation…

There is no feeling quite like finding out that your wife (or partner) is pregnant. Of course, in my case, this feeling is was laughter as I ducked to evade the urine soaked sticks Mrs Heatho had hurled up the stairs at me with a grin, asking you what your plans were for the rest of your life because they are being put on hold!!

We had come home early from a weekend away with friends due to Mrs Heatho’s shifts meaning she worked the Bank Holiday Monday, but from that sunny Tuesday morning we lived in a bubble of our own happiness at the little poppy-seed-sized baby growing inside Mrs Heatho. There are so many feelings all at once – from memory I didn’t quite know where to turn and not telling everybody straight away was really tough as I was bursting with pride!


We left it a couple of days to tell our parents so we could enjoy being the only people who knew about it for a while. We did a similar thing with our engagement. It’s amazing seeing the faces and reactions of people as you tell them – everyone is so wonderfully excited for you. I’m not sure there is an adequate way to describe how loved you feel by all your friends and family when you tell them that you’re expecting.

We spent most of our time working out how to tell people. All that thinking resulted in us spending a small fortune on a pair of wellies that Little H still hasn’t grown into… although she is giving it a good go!

Followed by The Long 9 Months…

Pregnancy is wonderful. From a man’s perspective anyway. Morning sickness, insomnia, back pain, mood swings… Mrs Heatho had them all in spades! No thank you! I also don’t miss the late nights at the Pregnancy Assessment Unit because Little H had been naughty and not kicked all day…!


That said, despite it all Mrs Heatho did a remarkable job growing our little girl – and we had some amazing times on the journey. Bizarrely, spurred on by the impending change to our lives it felt like we did more during our pregnancy than we had done in the years since our wedding!! This is complete rubbish, but we certainly kept ourselves busy with multiple trips to the Peak District and several dog walks.

Mrs Heatho says she doesn’t miss it – but I think she secretly misses rubbing the bump at night and talking to it at night…

Ending with The Arrival of Little H

I’ve written this story before… here. However, it’s worth noting that when someone tells you that children change our life – they ain’t kidding! Sure there are hard times, but they are totally outweighed by the good times and I wouldn’t have changed the last 12 months for the world.

I’ve learnt a huge amount about myself these last 12 months. I’ve learnt about us a family, I’ve learnt how to be a better husband and how to be a father. I’m still learning, and I suspect I’ll never stop learning because Little H will always throw a curveball… but for instance just today I managed to do daytime solo-parenting! All previous solo-parenting has been after bedtime… not today! I survived! Not something I think I would have thought possible 12 months ago!!

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will hold and how much we will change as a family – it’s just the grey hairs I’m not looking forward to!!

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