A Bank Holiday Break

The British spell of Bank Holidays is drawing to a close – and seemingly with us missing any of the storms that have hit the rest of the UK!

We had a very relaxing few days visiting Mrs Heatho’s family down in Canterbury – once we had negotiated the Bank Holiday M25 traffic!

Sadly, I saw the forecast and that combined with a bruised rib from going over the handlebars of my mountain bike last week meant I didn’t bring my bike down. When I’ve not ridden for a while, it takes an ability to cycle somewhere new to get back into it. There are only so many times you can cycle the same roads and the same hills… I have missed my bike at times this weekend as there were places I would have liked to cycle to – but we’ve had a lovely few days as a family and that is much better 😊

We arrived on the Saturday, and after a Mexican feast we settled in to watch the Champions League final… Gareth Bale 😱! What a strike! Worthy of winning any game against any team.

Sunday our relaxation started with a sweltering stroll tin Victory Wood. An interesting stroll broken up with way markers that give you facts and figures about HMS Victory – the British flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, which was made from the trees cut down from the wood, lending the wood its name.

When you eventually arrive at the top of the hill at the statue, you are pleasantly surprised to find you are surveying the battle scene. In the distance, the shape of HMS Victory is marked out and there are pockets of trees planted to represent the French and Spanish fleet – a quite ingenious way of bringing the battle to life.

A sunny beer garden (and bouncy castle πŸ™„!) later we retired to the Monaco Grand Prix and a spectacular roast pork dinner before chatting into the night around the fire pit.

Monday saw us visit Reculver. An old roman fort repurposed as a church and then rebuilt as a navigation aid, the sea breeze was very welcome. A little potter along the cliffs in both direction broken up by feeding Little H and an ice cream for us killed a few hours. Exactly what we both needed to relax…

The evening was Mrs Heatho and her cousins making flower crowns in the evening sunshine – Little H & I had matching!

Going away with Little H feels like it’s getting easier. We’re taking less with us (so poor Fern actually has some space in the boot) and because we are able to team up and share bedtime duties, we’re both getting chance to relax in the evening meaning we are both super relaxed after a few days away in the sunshine.

Even I’m managing to get Little H to sleep pretty consistently. It’s amazing what difference a couple of days makes. A couple of days being “on holiday” with her as opposed to just being at home doing jobs means that we are bonding so much more, and Little H is enjoying my company instead of screaming at me!

This weekend I have discovered that Little H is ticklish – which is now the easiest way for me to get smiles on demand 😁

Being around more means I’m also able to pick up my share of baby related tasks like nappies and cuddles, meaning Mrs Heatho gets some time off. Yesterday, Little H even started to stare at and reach for her feet!! She’s such a bright little button already – she is growing up too fast!

My Colitis is starting to get back under control after a stressful and frankly worrying couple of weeks – I can’t remember it being as out of control since I was diagnosed over 8 years ago… so I’m feeling like I can finally start relaxing into the summer and focus on being the one thing I want to be at the moment – as good a Daddy as I can be.

The rest of the week off promises some garden walks and hopefully some time on the bike, plus another house viewing before a busy weekend of celebrations with family and friends – birthdays, weddings & christenings! It promises to be a fun and busy week ahead!

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