Escaping on the bike & anniversary celebrations! πŸ₯‚

This week I have decided work can take more of a backseat – I’m leaving on time. The weather has been glorious for the last few weeks and I’ve wasted a lot of the sunny evenings in the office, so come 4pm I’m off! πŸ‘‹

Rather wonderfully this has allowed me to do three things in the last three days that have helped me remember that all the tough times I described in my last post are completely forgotten when I’m with my family.


For the first time in I don’t know how long, I left work on time. Mrs Heatho and Little H were out and about so I got to relax a bit at home before they got back (although had I known they would be out as long as they were I would have gone pedalling…) – just chilling, mowing and watering the lawn as well as other largely mindless chores to empty my brain of the days work.

Then I got to be a Daddy again and give my little girl a bath and do bedtime – one of the things I’ve really struggled to have the energy to do recently (see previous post). Sadly, due to the onset of Leap 4, we only got about halfway through The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse before Little H decided she didn’t want to be in the bath anymore and declared so, loudly…! I’m sure there will be more time to read about Babbity Bumble et al!


January was the last time I went on my mountain bike so with prior agreement I decided to pop down to Cannock Chase for a quick post work hour on the Monkey Trail. I had forgotten how much I love mountain biking. I’m rubbish at it for sure, but I really enjoy trying to get better. Sufficiently rubbish in fact that I landed very hard on my side after going over the handlebars and I’m convinced I’ve bruised a rib…. πŸ€”

I did however manage to complete the rock gardens that had been the nemesis of my confidence on all my previous visits, try out the new GoPro (replaced following burglary) and take in some of the really stunning scenery a bright, sunny evening around Cannock affords you.



The 23rd of May marks the day that we (finally) tied the knot and got married! This year marks three years of happy marriage; a lot has happened. When I reflect back… the Fern-dog joined our family, we’ve had some amazing holidays in Sri Lanka & Iceland, Little H has come and shattered every normality in our lives and we’ve bought our second home. Feels like quite a lot to pack in to 3 years… more to come over the next few years I’m sure!

To celebrate, we have ordered ourselves in some nice sirloin steak, dug out a bottle of our personalised wedding sparkling perry, plan to put Little H to bed early and get the BBQ going for the first time this year! πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ

Happy anniversary Mrs Heatho – I am so proud of everything you do for both me and Little H – you are an amazing Mummy and a rock for me when I need you and we both love you lots for it!


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