Little H got poorly! πŸ˜’

For the first time since she arrived in our lives, Little H is properly ill πŸ™

She has developed a horrible cough – the kind that stings the back of your throat – and is a sniffly mess of a snot-ball. She has been refusing to let her big pink bunny out of her sight – I think we have a winner in the favourite comforting toy stakes! It’s capped a pretty stressful couple of weeks for Mrs Heatho & I.


Having a poorly child is not very enjoyable – for anyone. This weekend it has meant that Mrs Heatho has had to forego a hen do, which has then instantly made me feel guilty about the fact I’m on a stag do next weekend – although hopefully little one is better by then.

It has also meant that the amounts of sleep we’ve become used to have gone completely out the window – so any hint of recovery ahead of another week at work has gone with it! However, Little H has been napping in the day time more… which means that whilst the sun is shining so I have the pleasure of writing this in the sunshine in the garden…β˜€οΈ


Hopefully she will start to turn a corner… we’re running out of the number of doses of Calpol she is allowed before we need to take her to the doctors…πŸ˜•

Little H also turns 3 months old in a couple of days – and I know I say this every time she hits an age milestone – but I would love to know where that time has gone! By the time she has been around another 3 months we’ll have nearly moved house! You can really start to see that she is growing up now… she beams at me every time I come home from work as though she hasn’t seen me forever. She is a very active, very alert little thing and loves to have a good chat. Much to Mrs Heatho’s disgust she also appears to be utterly infatuated with watching football – which bodes very well for me over the next few years when Mrs Heatho goes back to work!! πŸ’ͺ🏻

Burglary Fall-out

We continued to find things of value that were missing during the start of the week. Each time this happened I found myself getting so angry at whoever it was that felt they could help themselves to our stuff and our life. Then there is the insurance company headache. Insurance is supposed to make losing things a little less painful by providing replacements. I’d never been through the process before, and whilst I understand the reasoning, having to justify everything is a ball-ache.

We’ve been sending them pictures of us wearing sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, watches… anything that was stolen we’ve had to provide proof that we own it. This is in itself, fair enough. What it does mean though, is that after extended days at work, I’ve been coming home and spending probably an hour on the phone and then another hour scouring through emails (order receipts) and pictures, by which time Little H is very ready for bed and hasn’t had her Daddy cuddles. The on-going impact is almost worse than the event itself. No more. Now that everything is getting settled I’m going back to enjoying the short few hours I have between work and Little H going to bed.

Moving House

This is hugely positive news for us. It’s wonderful news and we’re finally allowing ourselves to get excited. It has taken until now mainly because the two weeks of stress trying to work out how it’s all going to work. Our house is now on the market, and Mrs Heatho has used retail therapy to a mind-boggling extent ordering things to make our new house homely from the day we move in. We have chosen lighting, floor tiles, wall tiles, carpets, kitchen units… the list feels endless. The completion date feels a very long way away at the moment – but I’m sure time will fly! We’ve set ourselves the target of de-cluttering a room a week… we’ll see how long that lasts and how late we end up leaving it!

This weekend saw two tips runs result in the garage being de-cluttered to the point of no longer having anything in it we won’t be moving with… so whilst Little H’s snotty nose ruined Plan A, Plan B has largely been a success!

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