For once, a sunny Bank Holiday! β˜€οΈ

Well, we’ve had quite the weekend πŸ˜ƒ

Friday evening was spent making most of the choices for our new house! Yay! πŸ˜† Oh yeh, that’s going ahead by the way (for those of you who have read my earlier posts!). SO EXCITED! It’s been a really hard week post-burglary, for me because I had to leave my girls on monday morning to go to work wondering if they were going to be OK waking up in an empty house… for Mrs Heatho because every time she goes out she has to come back home and wonder… what if…? However,Β having made our choices I think we’re now both allowing ourselves to get excited about our (what will be beautiful after what Mrs Heatho has spent πŸ™„) new home!

Saturday sort of passed us by… I spent it getting through the giant list of jobs; solicitor paperwork, home insurance claims, patching up walls (where the old speakers used to hang) etc. However, we found time in the afternoon to get Little H out on her playmate in the garden and see the sky as being blue for the first time!


Saturday evening, as my no doubt avid readers will know (ha!) was Mrs Heatho’s first night out with the other NCT Mums. This was something I had been nervous about… but was an unqualified success! I had no need to call the boobs back home!!


I dropped Mrs Heatho off at about half 7… Little H was asleep in the car – this I thought, was a bad sign. She was sure to be awake all night? Nope. After getting home, Little H was falling asleep in my arms on the sofa so I thought I’d risk it… a touch early, but only about half an hour. Bottle drained, burps galore, I put her down wide awake with her favourite “White Noise” playlist… 10 minutes later I could see her kicking on the monitor, but not crying. Β I’ll go check on her I thought. I was greeted with a huge smile… for once, not ideal! I left again. 10 minutes later she was asleep… Winner! Worth pointing out at this stage that Mrs Heatho has now had a longer and later night out on her own than I have. Something has gone dramatically wrong somewhere…. *cough* husband of the year *cough*.

Sunday was interrupted briefly by a work call. Yawn 😴. However, we spent the afternoon at a friend’s birthday BBQ, which was lovely. Just about the whole gang were there, so we got to tell them more about the house etc and catch up properly, which was nice. It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine makes such a difference over here. For my readers outside the UK (yes, there are some, mainly friends who’ve left the UK but still…) sunny weekends are rare. The sun saves itself for 9-5 Monday-Friday – which is at best, annoying! Sunny Bank Holidays? They are like hen’s teeth, or rocking horse sh*t, or *insert humorous simile here*. To get three days of blue sky and +25C in early May is unheard of here, for it to be a Bank Holiday? Well, records have been broken! What better way to spend a day with friends drinking beer and eating BBQ food… what’s more… Little H rolled over for the first time!! Yay!! I am aware that is two “yay”s in one post but I’m OK with it. However, it’s tempered a little when you realise two things; 1) this is her growing up faster than you’d like and 2) this is the first step towards a mobile child…😱!


Monday was a hectic morning (Mrs Heatho at baby sensory, me cleaning the house in preparation for viewings – yes, I clean… rarely I’ll admit… but it all helps)! The afternoon we spent deciding more of the spec for more of our house in the sunshine and returned home for Β a beer on the patio in the sunshine. Little H isn’t really big enough for beer yet – one day I’ll teach her…!

Little H has coped admirably with the heat this week. Less clothes and a liberal application of suncream has gone without significant argument – everything a bonus!

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