First time solo parenting for an evening!

During my time at university, I learnt to fly and earned my pilot’s license. Solo parenting for the first time is more daunting than your first solo flight. One is fraught with danger, risk and nerves – the other is as simple as taking a Cessna 152 round an airfield in circuit and sticking it back on the tarmac afterwards! (Apologies for the shocking picture – it was many years ago now…!)


Whilst it’s something that Mrs Heatho has done since I went back to work all those weeks ago, being the sole person responsible for Little H is new to me. More worryingly as per my last post, my current successful bedtime strike rate is one from four 😱 However, it must happen at some point. Sooner or later Mrs Heatho was going to leave me with Little H – might as well be now!

As it happens, last night I managed to put Little H down successfully, so I approached this evening with a little more confidence. 8pm arrived… we went upstairs, changed Little H’s pants and gave her a bottle. She drained it – great start! Surely she’ll fall asleep! Haha – if only!

She settled on me very quickly, but was wide awake as I put her down. It’s taken 10 minutes of me watching her on the monitor kicking away and throwing her arms around (not crying!) but with the help of Ewan, she has finally drifted off…

Who knows how long it will last – but I’m going to take that as a short-term parenting win! My solo flights added up to me gaining a license to fly aeroplanes… maybe my evenings of solo parenting will add up to being competent to be a father after all!

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