The mysterious case of the missing wonder-parent gene πŸ€”

You know how people tell you there is no such thing as a parenting manual…? Hmmm. People try though, don’t they? We’re drowning in parenting books I’ve not read πŸ™„. Problem is, not many of them talk about the difficulties of being a Dad.

For example… not even my wife can work out what I’m doing wrong when I try to put Little H to bed. All I get is a drained bottle and sore ears – plus a sore chin from where Little H thrashes around and head-butts me. I mean, what is with the head-butting? It doesn’t help bring up wind and makes her more upset, thus extending the whole miserable cycle for both of us!! πŸ˜‚

I reckon the root cause is the same one it normally is, which I’ve mentioned before; I’m Daddy, I’m not Mummy.

Problem is, tomorrow night I’m on my own. Mrs Heatho is off out with the other Mums, and I’m left with Little H and the prospect of being a (deaf) nervous wreck by the time Mrs Heatho gets home. 😣

Where did I go wrong? Is it just me that can’t work my child? Have I missed out on some kind of wonder-parent gene? I suspect not. If she is anything like her mother she is just fussy! 😜

I suspect it is none of these things and that I am like a million other working Dads, that only see their little ones for an hour or two in the evening before they go to bed – meaning that the bond simply is not as strong as it is with Mrs Heatho.

That can be hard. It can be really hard when your wife picks her up, does nothing different and she’s asleep in less than 5 minutes and you’ve been trying for half an hour!! It’s almost funny if it weren’t for the 5 minutes telling yourself you aren’t a useless parent. I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m just doing the best I can (and Little H is being a right diva!). So we’ll see how Saturday goes… I am sure we will both emerge and survive largely unscathed (even if slightly traumatised on my part)!

You just have to keep surviving it – I have to remember days like the ones I’ve built Little H snowmen or sandcastles. One day, probably sooner than it feels right now, Little H will be building them with me. (And it will be awesome. πŸ™‚)

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