Back to Earth with a bump! πŸ€•

Despite the title – we are not expecting a second child! (Phew!) Calm down!! Also, I have survived the week unscathed physically, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so mentally drained so quickly after a holiday! 😴

Whirlwind week at work

Long story short… I’ve been given a new role at work. That in itself is exciting, however, it means picking up an investigation that has been running for nearly a year and it’s been a baptism of fire. It has taken a lot of mental energy this week – so despite having last week off, I feel a bit like I need a holiday!!

Sheer panic

The thing that really finished off an already stressful week was the fact that on Friday at about 3pm, Mrs Heatho rang me to say that we had been burgled! Never have I had a feeling of panic quite like it – all I could think about was my family’s safety, and let me tell you that is quite the adrenaline hit. Nothing is more important to me than my girls.


I sprinted out of work and got home as quickly as traffic would allow. Thankfully, the swine was no longer there, but it didn’t lessen the shock. These sort of people have no morals, no remorse. They even stole the Β£10 note Little H’s nanny had given her for Easter that was still in the card on the side. Bottom line, every one of us is safe. More or less everything else that was taken is replaceable.

Unbelievable isn’t it. We couldn’t believe it. It “will never happen to us”. Hmmm.

Fortunately, the police have been very helpful, and within 6 hours our insurance company had managed to have a security company board up our broken door glazing and replace the door locks. Can’t really fault them… πŸ‘

Our house is now back to being a home, rather than a crime scene, and my new CCTV is on the way (the horse may have bolted, but it makes me feel better..!).

Next step on the housing ladder

On top of all of that… we’re starting to think about moving house. We have found one that we like, with a lovely plot on a nice estate… we just need to start the selling process… fingers and toes crossed that there is something good to remember about this week!!

Land of Hops and Glory? Maybe next year…

With all that happened on Friday evening, I abandoned my plans to complete my first sportive today. Despite the fact that Mrs Heatho is about ready to kill me for the amount of training hours I’ve put myself (and her & Little H!) through, we needed to try to get ourselves back to being straight. Getting the house tidy and back to normal before going back to work tomorrow had to be a priority, so I’ll have to try again next year… the lads have set a time to beat now anyway!

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