Less Masterchef, more “Attempt-to-chef” 🍽

Since Mrs Heatho & I got together, all those years ago (how is it 12 years already!!), we have shared a love of good food. It’s something we are both passionate about… and both need to make more time for at home!

Over the years we have been lucky enough to have had some of the most amazing dining experiences anyone could ask for;

  • The Salt Yard – the first “posh meal” we ever had, in London town, Michelin starred at the time (we hadn’t cottoned on to the “pictures of food” thing back then!)
  • The Hole in the Wall – big fans of Masterchef, so seeing Alex Rushmer and eating his food was a big buzz for us! He even signed a menu for us!



  • TCK 6685 – train carriage fine dining (6 courses)


  • Chez Roux – simply the best fine dining “experience” we’ve ever had



So, for our first date night since the arrival of Little H we opted for the very grand… stay in and let me attempt posh cooking!

The Plan

I’m a big fan of duck. So the plan was to turn this…

… into Duck Breast, Fondant Potato & Veg with a Pomegranate Sauce!! 🍽🦆

The Process

I won’t lie… I didn’t dream this one up all on my own – I’m frankly not that creative! This is a combination of an Ocado recipe and a generic potato fondant how-to-guide found via your every day search engine. Still, you need ideas from where you can get them and with Masterchef currently on BBC One I wasn’t short of inspiration.

The Results

Were actually not that bad! 😂 The reality is whilst I love good food, I’ve never been particularly skilled at delivering it myself…

This effort was largely a success! It was a) tasty and b) still warm despite the amount of time my efforts at presentation took!

A couple of minor points for improvement next time around:

  • The sauce needed to reduce a touch more…
  • The fondant wasn’t quite soft enough…
  • The duck skin needed to be a bit crisper…
  • The duck breast was about 30secs over for me, but perfect for Mrs Heatho

Although as I said, I’m chalking this one up as one I can refine, but otherwise a success!

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