Stories of the Easter weekend…๐Ÿฃ

Hoorah for the 4 day weekend! Even though I’ve only been back at work 3 weeks I’ve been looking forward to the Easter weekend ever since I went back! This post I’m writing from the comfort of my arm-chair, with Easter egg to one side and a nice cold beer to the other. We’ve been busy… I hope you enjoyed the long weekend as much as we did!

Happy Easter from all of us!

A Bank Holiday lie in is a thing of the past

I’m always awake early – Mrs Heatho not so much – a daily work alarm at 06.15 means that on my days off I’m invariably wide awake and ready for the day by 07.00. I daren’t wake the girls though… I never really know how good or bad a night it’s been at this point so every minute of peace and sleep is precious! On Saturday Mrs Heatho got to sleep in as late as nearly 09.00!!

Not entirely sure these two are happy about the noisier mornings though…

Braving a night away!

We head to Cornwall for a week-long holiday in April. There are two daunting things about this; 1) the 5-6 hour drive with a 2 month old & 2) the whole “going/being away from home with a 2 month old” thing.

My parents only live an hour away, so we had arranged to go to visit on Easter Sunday and plan to stay overnight as a trial run. It was an opportunity to learn what you do and don’t need to take away with us before we drag a whole load of stuff 5 hours south!


Turns out I think we did quite well. We didn’t really want for anything, and we managed to use pretty much everything – so in terms of the intent of the trip it was successful! We certainly chalked it up as a success. For the way home I tried a different configuration of “stuff” in the boot which made way more room as well, meaning we learned how best to pack the car which will be a huge benefit for or holiday in a couple of weeks time!

Due to the layout of the spare room at my parents, Little H also had to sleep at the end of the bed, rather than in her bedside crib next to Mrs Heatho. It dawned on me late in the evening that this might present a problem… it didn’t. Little H slept from 11.00-03.00 and then 04.00-06.00. Then she slept from 06.30-08.30! Maybe it’s actually us that keeps disturbing her sleep at night… ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚. Long may this continue!


On Good Friday we visited Beacon Hill Country Park. We haven’t been here since the first time we came at about 30 weeks pregnant. There are plenty of woods for Fern to go mad in and she can be off the lead. After April 1st though they have livestock on the hilltop, so it’s dogs on leads. The main route that people seem to do is about 2 miles, so doesn’t take long, but there are loads of paths crossing over the landscape and various other bits and bobs around the edge such as a “natural play area”. We’ll have to revisit in the summer when the sun is shining!


When we got home, Little H was fast asleep, so I let her and Mrs Heatho have a snooze. It means Little H is quiet and Mrs Heatho has definitely earned a nap this week!

We also made it out for an Easter Sunday potter through Grove Hill Nature Reserve near to my parents. It’s known for its flowers and birds, however there weren’t many of either around this time. Fern loved sniffing her way along the rabbit scented trails though, so she was exhausted after an hour! Fortunately the rabbits saw her coming a mile off and were well on their way before Fern caused them any distress. However, Fern did get more than a few sticks stuck in her ears… ๐Ÿ™„

Little H also visited her first farm shop at Hillers, after a cup of tea and slice of cake at their cafe. Well worth a stop here; cake was lovely (I had Lemon, Mrs Heatho had Coffee & Walnut) and it was a nice place to sit outside (dogs aren’t allowed in the cafe here, so something to bear in mind if it’s wet). It is also very cyclist friendly so I will definitely cycle out to meet the family here for cake in the future! The farm shop is quite big, with a range of the usual stuff. Everything looked nice although as we arrived close to closing time much of the stock had been put away – again, another reason to call back in the future.

Learning how to be OK with missing my bike

I miss my bike. Sad I know, but I do. One of the things that has hit this weekend as I’ve driven around seen people on their bikes and even more so, seen my friends out on their bikes over the weekend, is how much this has changed. Previously, if Mrs Heatho was at work I would be free to disappear off on my bike for a few hours or more. That freedom is no more.

It reminds me how having a child really does change everything. No matter how many times people tell you it will through your pregnancy, you always tell yourself… “it can’t change it that much”. Boy was I wrong.

It’s only a matter of adjusting, but as the evenings are getting lighter and the weather gets better I find myself longing to get on my bike and have the endorphin rush that accompanies getting to the top of a hill… I think it’s OK to have moments where you long for the life you once had. I’ve had to learn that having these moments is OK, it’s normal to want the life you had at times. It’s important to accept that feeling, process it, and get back to enjoying the new life you have. Once you’re over that feeling of missing what you had, you can remember and be grateful that you now have so much more…

Learning new skills

On Easter Saturday I was awake early again thanks to Little H. A bottle feed later and she was fast asleep snoring on my chest. Mrs Heatho had dozed off again next to me. It was 0700; so this was not entirely unreasonable – especially with the week Mrs Heatho had! However, this did mean that by 8am I was very ready for my cup of tea… so I had to teach myself “One handed tea making”. I successfully made a cup of hot tea without scalding the baby – win! Taking the little wins is sometimes what reminds you that you’re doing a good job as a parent!

A day out at the football

Football has always been a passion of mine. It is also the bane of Mrs Heatho’s life ๐Ÿ˜‚. I don’t stand by the arguments of whether football is better than rugby is better than cricket is better than tennis etc etc. I am a massive sports fan and enjoy them all – for me, football is what I find myself most passionate about. Ever since my Dad took me to my first game at Old Trafford when I was six years old (4-0 win against Galatasaray), going to Old Trafford has always been something my Dad and I have done together. I still get tingles down my spine as I walk up from the concourse and the pitch comes into view.


It was a good afternoon. United won and played well (at least in the first half) which always make for a better experience! It was good to catch up with Dad – it was him that laid the seed for this blog, even though Mrs Heatho pushed me over the edge.

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