Leap calm and carry on! πŸ’ͺ🏻

Last weekend didn’t really work – through no-one’s fault. This week has then turned into a case of us both trying to survive until the long Easter holiday weekend!

On Saturday we had a lovely day at Kedleston Hall, but I then joined the evening frivolity of a friend’s stag do before trying (and succeeding!) to not wake the baby and simultaneously stumble into bed. Sheer moment of panic as my collection of change fell from the pocket of my jeans…. 😱

Sunday I had planned a training ride on the bike of some distance, so to break it up for both of us we had agreed to meet for lunch a little over halfway.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it? So what happened I hear you ask…? Little H hit another milestone. The second little period of hell that descends as your child develops, called a “leap”. That struck on Saturday evening – with full force!

Now, those of you without children or planning to have kids might wonder what these are. Those with kids will recognise them, even if the name isn’t familiar. They’re also called the “Wonder Weeks” – which I can only assume refers to the periods in which your child reverts to their normal angelic self after the devil horns fall out.

They are basically well researched time periods during which your baby becomes more unsettled as they go through phases of rapid mental development, or “leaping”. There is nothing “wonder”ful about them as far as I can tell!

During the second leap, which we are now pretty sure Little H is in (or at least we hope it’s a leap!) you get any or all of the following:

  • Your baby wants to be entertained more often.
  • It will take a little longer before she is at ease with other people, especially those she does not see every day.
  • She wants to be breastfed all day long but doesn’t really drink.
  • She is craving more physical contact.
  • She cries more easily.

Sounds a breeze doesn’t it! Basically Little H is a wall of noise! She is also really struggling with wind – you can see it crippling her as she writhes around to try to get rid of it. It’s horrible. I mean, I’m exhausted. Literally my reserves of energy have expired. I’ve almost expired! The reality is, I’m getting 7-8hrs a day of rest at work! I have no comprehension of how Mrs Heatho is coping day-to-day – but she is doing a wonderful job. Thus, we are trying to survive until the holiday weekend where we can split the load a little more evenly between us.

Whatever you can do to block the noise!

In the downtime between screaming fits, Little H reverts to being an angelic delight (The well-behaved kind, not the mousse-like-dessert kind). Smiling through her eyes as she tries to communicate back to tell you that you’re talking utter rubbish and you’re behaving in a very silly manner. I know I’m biased, but she really is the most beautiful little thing when she is having her angelic moments. These little and all-too-short periods of loveliness are all you can cling to when the screaming starts up again! The knowledge that it will end again!

So… these were taken literally seconds apart. (L) A pleasant post-work de-brief, (R) telling me that being at work all day is NOT ok!

I find myself clinging onto anything positive – whether it’s the 10 minutes on your bike going to work, a funny meme that just ticks every single box for how you’re feeling, the thought of a cold beer when you get home or even a cheeky MJ track coming on the radio that leaves you singing and wishing you could drive AND moonwalk (clearly you can’t – don’t try that at home…πŸ•ΊπŸ»). For the record; I cannot moonwalk πŸ€”.

Or you can make light of each other’s struggles, like the fact that your wife has spent all morning being screamed at whilst trying to ready herself to leave the house…and once ready it is declared nap time! If you don’t help each other laugh at these things – you’ll cry! Being sent this photo whilst I was at work really made my day! πŸ˜‚

Mrs Heatho was NOT impressed at Little H’s choice of nap time! Fornessi sling ready for action too!Β 

Even something as simple as a friend popping round for a brew after work means you can delegate cuddles and free up your now aching arms and shoulders for a short time!

It really is a time to keep calm and carry on, bear with it, remind yourself it will end and approach each hour with the same attitude as Dory once said… “just keep swimming”! 🐠

So top tip from Mrs Heatho: get a wrap / sling. Ours is from Fornessi – and is brilliant. Super easy to use and perfect for making sure you have both hands free! We would thoroughly recommend it!

This weekend we have some respite – my parents are coming up on Saturday as Dad & I are at the football, so Mum will help Mrs Heatho with Little H. On Sunday & Monday we are visiting them as a car packing / overnight stay trial ahead of our trip to Cornwall in two weeks time. Hopefully by the time we go, we’ve finished leaping and we’ll see the “sunny side” of our baby that the Wonder Weeks app keeps assuring us is there….

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