Land of Hops & Glory Cycle Sportive – 5 weeks to go!

This week’s key numbers…

km cycled this week (% of sportive): 155km (180%)

m climbed this week (% of sportive): 1,164m (91%)

Longest ride (% of sportive): 82.1km (95%)

This week has been much more successful week in terms of cycling. I’ve managed a simple commute 4 times week – which is 4 times more than last week!

Friday tends to end with a group bike ride from work to a local pub for “Friday beers” – the weather cancelled this last week… but this week the sun was shining (a little…) and so we managed to fit in the usual 25-30km.

Sunday saw the first sportive length ride of the year – and my second longest ride ever! Along with some friends who have offered to keep me company on some extended training rides, we took the 2018 Derby Sportive route as a basis and headed off. Given the weekend is the only time I really get to see Mrs Heatho and Little H, we arranged to meet them halfway at Barton Marina. This is a nice little complex – we’ll probably come and visit again. The sun was shining – it was a great day for a bike ride!

So where does that leave me 5 weeks out? Well. Right now, I’m tired and my legs hurt! Other than a slight ache my legs feel OK (I’ll wait for the pain to hit later) – but today’s ride was sportive length and was only really lacking the climb – which is the bit I’m usually OK at – so feeling much more confident I’ll at least be able to complete it now!

One thought on “Land of Hops & Glory Cycle Sportive – 5 weeks to go!

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