Hi! I’m Tom, welcome to my blog! Having seen and read so many useful blogs during the time in which my wife was pregnant, I thought I’d use this as a way of writing and sharing thoughts, experiences and our adventures as a new family. If nothing else, it will also serve nicely as a set of memories we can look back on fondly in later years and a home for photos – taking a good photo is something I really enjoy trying to get right!

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I’m an aerospace engineer based in South Derbyshire. I’ve been married since 2015 and in February 2018 I became a father to a beautiful little girl. As a family, we have a Sprocker Spaniel (Fern) and a cat (Noah) – so our little house is busy and hectic! I wouldn’t have it any other way and I love our little (but growing!) family.

I love spending time outdoors with my wife; the fact we live on the edge of the Peak District is one of my favourite things about where we live. We don’t stop there – we love exploring the UK and beyond, something that we hope our little girl will enjoy too as we embark on adventures as a family.

Whether it is a local pub or a restaurant, we really enjoy finding good food and so will often try somewhere new on the way home after a day out together. If wherever we find has a good ale or craft lager – even better from my point of view. I love finding & trying new craft beer and ale from around the UK, Europe and beyond.

I’m a keen amateur cyclist. I’ve only been cycling since 2016 but I’ve fallen for it and always look for an excuse to build a cheeky bike ride into our trips and days out. Especially since my wife got me onto “Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs” – which I’m now trying to tick off.

I will try to fill my blog with stories of our adventures and travels as a family, my thoughts and experiences as I learn to become a Dad, tales of good food & beer (and where to find it!) and my progress as I try and complete the list of cycling climbs.